Due to the years of experience in the lighting field, the engineers of DRAKOS LIGHTING are in position to provide you with the appropriate solution for your own projects and needs.

The activities of DRAKOS LIGHTING could be separated in two categories according to the stage of your project.

As a representative of a large number of luminaire manufacturers from all over Europe, it can recommend the most suitable luminaires, based on the specifications of your project, in the best price, by also combining products from several of its suppliers.

The products that you need can be delivered to you immediately, without any time consuming procedures, because of the 700m2 storage space that the company keeps in Cyprus with stocks of hundreds of types of luminaires and light bulbs.

Moreover, information on the latest lighting technologies is provided to consulting engineers and architects. Furthermore, the most suitable luminaires are recommended according to the needs of your project, as well as, photometric studies are performed whenever the customer requests it or whenever it is considered necessary.

More specifically, the engineers at DRAKOS LIGHTING are specialized on technical lighting that concerns sport fields, airports, ports, hospitals, offices and factory facilities, always following the European regulations.

If you are a contractor, a consulting engineer, an architect, or a decorator, the best thing to do is to contact our company staff for whatever your need is in the field of lighting.

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